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Improve Member Engagement with Next-Generation Networking

Ever feel like the perfect job candidate and the ideal employer keep missing each other? Discover how matchplicity®’s balanced approach helps your association members connect with like-minded employers and further their careers.

At matchplicity®, we partner with professionals and trade associations as per the focus of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA). By helping associations match their diverse talented communities with companies, matchplicity® encourages the business world to strive for an equitable and profitable future for all.

We are talent-focused technology providers that empower working professionals to find their ideal professional match. matchplicity® helps you reach your professional and business goals through next-generation operations, including:

We join our technological approach with human-centric ideas that connect ambitious individuals with companies that value talent.

If you have not joined a professional or trade association, the information in this post should clarify numerous benefits of why you should join now. Feel free to contact us to learn if the association you wish to join uses the matchplicity® platform. You can also consult the list of associations on our website to learn which associations are using matchplicity®.

Why Join a Professional and Trade Association?

Enlisting as a professional or trade association member separates you from the competition in your respective industry. This is particularly useful if you seek new positions, career growth, or an expansion of skill sets and knowledge bases.

Participation in professional associations demonstrates that you are committed to advancing in the industry. This will also reflect that you have devoted time to consistent development and advancement inside your career path. For prospective employers, this is often the difference between similarly-qualified candidates.

What is a Professional Association?

A professional association refers to a membership-based, typically non-profit organization (NPO) that seeks to further the interests of its members in a given profession or industry. These organizations can also act as a helpful networking resource for their members, i.e., a platform to expand your knowledge base on any given trade.

The benefits of Joining a Professional Association

The following is a list of ways professional organizations help their members:

Honing Professional Skills

Joining a professional association provides you access to a pool of experts, each intent on furthering their interests by helping others in their field. This allows members to leverage various professional certifications and find ample opportunities to expand their skillset. Additionally, many associations have volunteer leader opportunities that give you a place to develop key leadership skills in “safe” environment.

Boosting Your Resume

Joining one or more professional associations increases your credibility with potential employers. This shows that you have more than a passing interest in your job's success. For example, a LinkedIn profile is an effective way to display affiliation with a particular trade while also verifying your expertise and professional achievements.

Pursuing Professional Advancement

Most professional associations provide members with learning opportunities to help them grow and develop new capabilities, sometimes more often than professional development and certification programs.

Distinguish Yourself from Others

Membership in a professional or trade association provides a definitive advantage in career growth. Your status shows companies that you are committed to your profession and willing to learn and develop continually toward a goal that means more than securing a paycheck.

Staying Updated

Professional associations are an excellent method for staying up-to-date on recent trends and news. Associations provide information on innovative shifts, process changes, and best practices that provide valuable advancement in your career knowledge base.

Finding Job Opportunities

Many associations give consistent data about companies looking to fill employment positions. This can be an excellent method for scouting your next big job or even finding a career.

Making Professional Connections

Professional associations usually have national and regional headquarters where you can connect with colleagues, either locally or on a much larger scale. As a member, you can connect easily, generating a deep network of like-minded individuals with similar goals.

Professional and Trade associations also sponsor events and meetings where you can meet influential leaders of the field and create lifelong partnerships. Matchplicity® can assist these efforts by connecting you with local associations that are respectable and involved.

Consult with matchplicity®

If you are an employer or a professional, joining a professional and trade association can benefit you. If you wonder which associations to join, consult with matchplicity® to learn about the associations using our platform for well-informed career development in your industry.

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