Our Story

With over five decades of combined experience managing the needs of associations, the matchplicity™ team has collaborated with professional organizations from coast to coast. We help associations handle everything from event sponsor engagement to membership growth and have seen a lot in the process.

Throughout the course of our work, we’ve come to know that talent acquisition teams struggle to attract and retain top talent. One reason for this? The hiring process typically focuses on the employer, not the talent.

Rather than an outdated, top-down approach, association members needed a more equitable model that balanced the needs of both parties when connecting talent to relevant opportunities.  Associations need a tool they can use on their terms, something that can be integrated into their existing process. There was nothing on the market that adequately met this need…

We built matchplicity™ to fill that void.

Innovative, Forward-Thinking Solutions

These days, there are examples of algorithm-based matchmaking platforms throughout society. We have dating apps designed to match romantic partners, e-commerce sites that match people to relevant products, and everything in between. Technology has empowered us to connect like never before.

One thing that all of these things share in common? They balance the needs of both parties.

We’ve taken this innovative, algorithm-based matchmaking model and brought it to the recruitment space. matchplicity™ connects talent and employers based on relevant, mutually shared goals, leading to a more successful hiring eco-system and a faster, more efficient recruitment process. Our networking model benefits professional associations, individual job seekers, and employers.  

Discover what we can do for you today.