1. Diversity-aligned professional and trade associations: There are hundreds of associations who have formed corporate partnerships that specifically focus on sourcing talented members from unconventional communities in the interest of DEIA. These associations desperately lack non-dues revenue, which is why corporate sponsorships and partnerships are so important to their existence.

2. Corporations: Companies have realized the importance of utilizing the untapped talent in underexposed communities. They know that there are associations that are exclusively created for these communities. It is in their best interests to form partnerships with these DEIA-relevant associations. Furthermore, these companies are in niche industries that require specific talents to complete the job. Current recruiting services are not accurate enough for sourcing candidates with these specific skills. Companies need a way to match with professionals with both the soft and hard-skills necessary for jobs.

3. Job Seekers: Hardworking and talented, but underprivileged and or under -exposed, workers from unconventional backgrounds that don’t have the traditional networks into the industries and fields they are talented in. These people have valuable and job-specific skills, but they just don’t have a way in the industry. In addition, not only are many existing platforms inadequate for employment, platforms in existence lack a true community that accelerates careers by connecting workers with leaders and peers. Other platforms also lack a true community that accelerates careers by connecting workers with leaders and peers.

matchplicity® offers an equitable solution for all.

matchplicity® creates a truly equitable community for everyone by matching industry leaders with marginalized yet talented communities. Our advanced AI and machine learning evaluates a job seekers’ skills tree, as well as their preferences and behavior to create a match made in heaven. By matching corporations, associations, and workers together, we foster a truly equitable community.

Matchplicity® was founded by experienced software sales executives Jovan Silva and Lauren Burke Silva who recognized the power of acquiring talented individuals with specific hard and soft skills and marrying them with the professional American workforce.

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