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Lack of experience. Debt and financial pressure. Lagging career opportunities. Self-doubt. Professionals face incredible challenges. That’s why matchplicity™ is here to bridge the opportunity gap.

Infinite Career Connections

Gain access to exclusive career opportunities that you won’t find on traditional job boards. From top corporations to exceptional startup companies, achieve a successful career with the right recruiting platform. Best of all, our all-in-one recruiting software makes finding the right job faster.

Endless Resources & Training

Our assistance doesn’t stop at the job find. We also connect you to leading associations and resources to drive your development and meet career goals. Receive a wide range of innovative workshops, powerhouse networking events, audit consulting, tax financial advisory, leadership courses, and technical sessions—sponsored by corporate partners.

All Powered By One Unique matchplicity™ Platform.

matchplicity™ is a smart-select tool exclusively designed to connect you to the career of their dreams.

Here’s How It Works

Think Dating App, But Corporate.

We crack the code on recruitment and retention by matching job seekers and employers based on unique preferences.

Dating App + Recruitment Platform
Built-in Dating Style Algorithm

We use a one-of-a-kind database networking tool that employs a unique match capability used by leading dating apps. We start by asking soft and technical skill questions to learn your behavior and likeness.

Diversity & Inclusivity Celebrated

Access exclusive diversity-focused job opportunities looking for talent with varying backgrounds. Our system then learns your behavior and matches you with the best company that’s fit your wants and needs.

Equal Opportunity Platform

Our tool not only has unique jobs you won’t find anywhere else, but we also focus on both the user and employer experience to balance both sides of the equation for optimal control and success.  

One of Our Leading Associations.

NABA, Inc. Association – Lifting As We Climb

A nonprofit membership association dedicated to bridging the opportunity gap for black professionals in accounting and finance professions. NABA offers a wide range of professional programs, technical training education, resources, networking, and career opportunities. 

  • 51% of NABAs members are employed in corporate America
  • 40% of members have advanced degrees
  • 45% hold professional certifications

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